About Us

I started “Maryland Minerals” in late 2007. We’ve always spoken of it as “the Maryland Minerals dot com website.” The site’s ongoing purpose is to create awareness about what the State of Maryland offers to mineral collectors. One major component is a slide show of Maryland-collected minerals.  Another is a long list of links to pertinent articles.  Included among them are links to continuing pertinent posts from the  Mineral Bliss Blog, which I started in February, 2009.

During the summer of 2016, Google replaced the Picasa program  which Maryland Minerals had depended upon with a “Google Photos” program offering features that did not include the previous Picasa slide shows or a viable substitute.  The change motivated us to update our site to replace the Picasa slide show with a new one that we know our viewers will prefer.  No longer is the Maryland Minerals slideshow a separate journey through nearly 200 mineral specimens and their labels. That vast series of images now consists of links to separate smaller slide shows, each featuring minerals from a different Maryland County. The localities in each county along with the specimens from each locality appear in alphabetical order.  Viewers will now be able to access the images they seek more quickly and efficiently.  Along with the new slide show, this, our home page, has a new look. Other enhancements include a link to upcoming shows  and a new template for the “contact us” link.


Jake Slagle